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The Lilongwe City Council was established under the Local Government Act No. 42 of 1998 as a body corporate. The Council comprises the Political and Administrative arms which both derive their authority from the Local Government Act of 1998. The Political  arm is led by the Mayor who is an elected councillor. The mayor is in charge of 27 Wards each overseen by an elected Councillor.  In addition, there are four (4) elected Members of Parliament who represent the Lilongwe urban sector. There are also five (5)  ex-official members representing interest groups. The Administrative arm of Lilongwe City Council is led by the Chief Executive Officer who oversees nine (9) technical departments and devolved sectors, including Commerce & Trade, Engineering, Education, Youth & Sports Sector, Parks & Recreation, Health and Social Welfare Services, Planning & Development and Finance.

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Request For Quotation, Supply and Delivery of Covid-19 Cloth masks

Request For Quotation, Supply and Delivery of Covid-19 Cloth masks

Procurement Reference Number:LCC/IPDC/169/02/21/CLTH MSKS

Date of Issue:   08th FEBRUARY 2021

Malawi is experiencing widespread community transmission in this second wave of COVID- 19. All districts in Malawi currently have confirmed COVID-19 cases and the majority (90% ) of confirmed cases have no symptoms but are potentially infective to others. These individuals pose a huge risk as they are likely to continue to conduct their normal activities whilst unknowingly infecting others. A face mask will help reduce the spread of infection in the community by minimizing the shedding of respiratory droplets from infected persons who may not even know they are infected and before they become symptomatic.

The Malawi Government has budgeted funds for the procurement of masks and allocated these funds through the councils, hence request for quotations from interested eligible bidders to submit their quotes.

Lilongwe City Council now invites bids in sealed envelopes from eligible bidders for the Supply and Delivery of Cloth Masks

  1. Bidding will be conducted through Request for Quotation procedures and in full compliance with the provisions of Malawi’s Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Act No. 27 of 2017 and its Subsidiary Legislations. Bidding is open to all bidders as defined in the Request for Quotation (RFQ) Document.
  1. Interested eligible bidders may obtain further information from the Procurement Unit, Lilongwe City Council, Civic Offices, off Robert Mugabe Crescent, City Centre and inspect the RFQ documents at the address given below (6a) from 7:30 hours to 12:00 hours and from 14:00 hours to 16:00 hours during working days. 
  • A complete set of RFQ Document in English may be obtained by interested bidders from the address below (6 a).
  • Bids must be delivered to the address below (6 b) on or before 11th February, 2021 before 16:30 hours. Late bids shall be rejected.

     6        (a) Address for Information, inspection, clarification and collection

               The Lilongwe City Council, Civic Offices, (Room 308)

               Off Robert Mugabe Crescent, City Centre

               Centre, P.O. Box 30396, Lilongwe 3    

              Telephone: + Tel : (265) 01 773 144/01775 257 (Dir)

              Fax : (265) 01 770 885

              E-mail: andrew.ngalande@gmail.com

      (b) Address for Submission:

               The Chairperson,

              Internal Procurement and Disposal of Assets Committee               

              Robert Mugabe Street, Civic Offices, City Centre,

              P.O. Box 30396, Lilongwe

Request for Quotations should be deposited in the Tender Box placed at the Civic Offices Reception

Lilongwe City Council

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