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The Lilongwe City Council was established under the Local Government Act No. 42 of 1998 as a body corporate. The Council comprises the Political and Administrative arms which both derive their authority from the Local Government Act of 1998. The Political  arm is led by the Mayor who is an elected councillor. The mayor is in charge of 27 Wards each overseen by an elected Councillor.  In addition, there are four (4) elected Members of Parliament who represent the Lilongwe urban sector. There are also five (5)  ex-official members representing interest groups. The Administrative arm of Lilongwe City Council is led by the Chief Executive Officer who oversees nine (9) technical departments and devolved sectors, including Commerce & Trade, Engineering, Education, Youth & Sports Sector, Parks & Recreation, Health and Social Welfare Services, Planning & Development and Finance.

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General Notice

General Notice

The Lilongwe City Council (The Council) is reminding all property owners in the City of Lilongwe that property rates for the period July – December 2020 are due for payment on 1st July 2020. All property owners are therefore asked…

Public Notice

Public Notice

Paragraph 22 (b) (v) of the Local Government Act mandate the Council to control the spread of diseases in the city.The Lilongwe City Council (the Council) is informing the general public that in view of the current Coronavirus (COVID –…

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