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The Lilongwe City Council was established under the Local Government Act No. 42 of 1998 as a body corporate. The Council comprises the Political and Administrative arms which both derive their authority from the Local Government Act of 1998. The Political  arm is led by the Mayor who is an elected councillor. The mayor is in charge of 27 Wards each overseen by an elected Councillor.  In addition, there are four (4) elected Members of Parliament who represent the Lilongwe urban sector. There are also five (5)  ex-official members representing interest groups. The Administrative arm of Lilongwe City Council is led by the Chief Executive Officer who oversees nine (9) technical departments and devolved sectors, including Commerce & Trade, Engineering, Education, Youth & Sports Sector, Parks & Recreation, Health and Social Welfare Services, Planning & Development and Finance.

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Lilongwe City Council

Lilongwe, which derives its name from the river that dissects the city from west to east, is the capital city of Malawi and has been the seat of government since 1975 following the move of the Capital from Zomba. Lilongwe has developed from a small settlement on the banks of the Lilongwe River to become Malawi’s largest city with over 1 million residents. It is a cosmopolitan city with inhabitants from all over Malawi, Africa and the rest of the world who have made Lilongwe their home. In addition to being the centre of Government administration, Lilongwe is important for industry, distribution, services and trade. It is also the gateway to Malawi at the intersection of road, rail and air connections to the region



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Urban governance and development fall under the Lilongwe City Council which was created by law under the Constitution of the Republic of Malawi. The Mayor is the political head of the Council while the Chief Executive Officer heads the administrative arm of the Council. Lilongwe City has 27 wards and 4 parliamentary constituencies and each is represented by a councillor and member of parliament respectively. The City Council has 5 ex-official non voting members representing interest groups across the City. The Council also has a chaplain. The Council is mandated to provide a wide range of municipal services to its residents and to mobilise resources for services delivery and to make bylaws.

Esther Sagawa

The Mayor Lilongwe City Council

Dr. Macloud D.A. Kadam'manja

Chief Executive Officer

Events Updates

JTI Fun Run

Fun Run is an annual athletics and wellness Lilongwe event that is organised by JTI.

Be More Race

Be more race is an annual athletics and wellness Lilongwe event that is sponsored by Standard Bank.

Opening of the Auction Floors

Tobacco auction floors in Lilongwe is the largest tobacco market in Malawi.

Lilongwe City Council

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Lilongwe City Council

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